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You kicked the virus? Anyone see OEVs?

ryan jordan

experiments in derelict electronics, possession trance, retro-death-telegraphy and hylozoistic neural computation.



Allen, J. and Jordan, R. Signal Aesthetics: Stroboscopic Arts and Sciences, Acoustic Space Journal 15 / OPEN FIELDS. Art and Science Research Practices in the Network Society, Eds. Smite, R., Smits, R. and Medosch, A. Riga : RIXC and Liepaja : LiepU MPLab, pp 177-199, 2016.

Jordan, R. Possession Trance in Tecnoxamanismo, Sao Paulo : Invisible Productions, pp 257-259, 2016.

Jordan, R. DIY Electronics: Revealing the Material Systems of Computation, Leonardo Music Journal 25, The Politics of Sonic Art. Massachusetts : MIT Press, pp 41-46, 2015.

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i don't really record much as i can't seem to make sense reproductions, only in the living…

[Lapcut] : noisenesia vs world, m3::records, Cassette & download, 2016

[Untitled] : Fractal Meat Cuts, Adaadat, CD, 2015

Drone Planes Over Westfield : Open Sound Group, MP3 download, 2013

[Dissipative Structures and Strobocopic Interference] : noise=noise.theory, download, 2012

[Untitled] : MLBMLBMLB, LP, 2012

Live From the Crystal World Salon : Open Sound Group, MP3 download, 2012 w/Luke Moss

Enochian Vision Magick Via Stoboskopik Patterns And Dissipative Elektronics : Chronophonics, Onoma Research, CDR / download, 2011

[Structure] : Structure, CD / download, 2011 (as ZeroPointEnergy)

[Mind Sweep] The Plot Thickens 2 : Anathematica / Coven H, CDR, 2008 (as ZeroPointEnergy)

[Structure] We Are Legion : Bad Sekta, MP3 download, 2008 (as ZeroPointEnergy)

[Cave] Memtrix : Bad Sekta, CDR, 2007 (as ZeroPointEnergy)

[Mesh 3] MPFree 1 : Bad Sekta, MP3 download, 2006 (as ZeroPointEnergy)

… is somewhere more.


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